A plan is a roadmap.  The commitment of the board and staff to the destination is both the first and most essential step in the process.

Strategic planning is an extremely effective tool

when nonprofits have a specific problem to solve

or issue to face.  However, with limited time to

devote to planning for the future, and board and

staff resources that are already stretched,

efficient use of resources is essential.

That's why Glavin Jacobson, Inc. incorporates the

strategic planning process into existing board and

staff work whenever possible.  A well-crafted

strategic plan can be the touchstone your staff and

board members look to as they approach current

and projected challenges.



Successful strategic planning requires the investment of every part of an organization.  At Glavin Jacobson Inc., our advice focuses on:

  • Identifying the core issues around which to organize a plan,

  • Engaging the board and staff in meaningful ways,

  • Drafting a clear and empowering document,

  • Helping key internal and external stakeholders commit to the plan.


Through strategic planning, your organization will build teamwork, unity of vision, and informed commitment on all sides -- essential ingredients for your success.