Glavin Jacobson Inc.

Helping nonprofits flourish


Your organization might be a small local nonprofit or a prestigious national institution—when you are ready to take major leaps forward you can rely on Glavin Jacobson Inc. for strategic counsel as you grow. 


Founded in 1999 as Robert Glavin Inc., Glavin Jacobson Inc. began as Bob Glavin's commitment towards elevating the nature of philanthropy in nonprofit organizations.  His dedication to the nobility of fundraising led to a uniquely successful  approach that has benefited nonprofits all over the country. 

Over time, Bob was joined by Susan Jacobson, and the pair expanded Glavin's services to become distinctive in the nonprofit consultant industry.  Unlike other small consulting firms, Glavin Jacobson does not restrict itself to a single specialization in fundraising.  We offer services in everything from annual fund work to capital campaigns, from growing a board to building a grant application library.  But what makes the firm special is its inter-disciplinary approach: Bob and Susan realized that every piece of fundraising is interconnected, and the team at Glavin coordinates closely on every aspect of the clients we serve.

In the summer of 2018, Susan succeeded Bob as President, and today the firm continues to grow, while maintaining the original vision which defined it.  We are proud to do good in the world through you.