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We work to bring out the best in your organization's staff, volunteers, and resources. We will always meet you where you are and work with your strengths. Our goal is to build confidence and effective skills to further your mission.



In major gift fundraising, your objective is to attract uncommonly generous contributions from a relatively small number of wealthy donors.  

Large gifts require fundamentally different fundraising techniques than annual gifts.  

Our guidance focuses on:

  • Developing your research and strategy

  • Helping you identify the right prospective donors for major gifts

  • Building lasting relationships and motivating involvement

  • Engaging your leaders to transfer a strong sense of ownership to donors


Careful planning, research, tailored strategies, and the engagement of a committed board will be essential ingredients for your success. 

Large Gifts


Capital campaigns and other special fundraising initiatives require careful preparation.  And they require skill in major gifts and a capable annual fundraising machine beneath them. Our process focuses on:


  • Establishing feasibility, targeting goals, and clear planning

  • Securing initial leadership gifts during the quiet phase

  • Developing prospect research and strategies to instill confidence in staff and volunteers soliciting campaign gifts

  • Garnering board support and involvement throughout the campaign


​The challenge is to enable your staff and board members to focus on finding and building relationships with the donors who will deliver your most generous gifts, while maintaining a strong annual fundraising operation.

Capital Campaigns
strategic planning


Glavin Jacobson consults on strategic planning when changes in fundraising will be a central focus of your plan.  Your plan will be built through a process that engages board and staff leaders to:

  • Identify the core issues around which to organize your plan

  • Strengthen board/staff collaboration and teamwork

  • Deliver clear goals and metrics

  • Empower internal and external stakeholders to execute the plan


We integrate the strategic planning process into existing board and staff structures for continuity in the transition from planning to implementation.


SF Playhouse Photo: Jessica Palopoli


If you believe that your board might function better—and happier -- we can help.  We offer full counsel in governance and board development with a specialty in building fundraising boards.

At Glavin Jacobson, our advice focuses on:

  • Creating a positive culture in which volunteers and staff collaborate easily and feel appreciated

  • Guidance on structure, operations, and compliance with best practices

  • Facilitating board retreats and conducting board training workshops

  • Counsel on effective board recruitment and deployment

The board that feels authorized will take responsibility. A clear understanding of the board's role and a positive relationship with the staff will be essential ingredients for your success.

Board Development
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