How do we get our board to thrive?

People who serve on a high functioning board derive great satisfaction from their work. They understand and cherish their role in advancing

the organization’s vital mission.


Robert Glavin

Robert Glavin

A high functioning board is the consequence of careful planning and deliberate action. If your board isn’t doing its job well, if your board members aren’t happy, the first place to look is at their governance role. Are the committees working? Are the meetings productive? How is the board staffed? Is recruitment effective?


A strong committee system allows pertinent issues to be considered in a thoughtful way. This, in turn, ensures that things move forward at a good pace during meetings of the entire board and that directors’ time is rewarded.


A major contributor to sub-optimal board performance is poor recruitment. When boards are too small or expectations are not explicit, dissatisfaction and burnout are inevitable. 


Board authority and responsibility occur in equal measure. The board that feels authorized will take responsibility. Toward that end, it is crucial to clarify the board’s role and to create a true partnership between the board and the management team. 


When your board thrives, your directors will enthusiastically embrace their single most important job, which is to encourage more people to fall in love with your organization.