A successful grant application is not the result of a slick pitch, but a nuanced understanding of where a foundation's programs overlap with your own.

Are you fully leveraging your organization’s

mission and programs for effective



We know why we do the work that we do,

but how do we make our donors and funders

care?  It starts with a heartfelt case built on a

logical and effective programmatic base. 

Being able to dive down to the nitty gritty

details of day to day operations, back up to

the big picture, and every level of work

in between. 



A successful institutional fundraising program hinges on a deep understanding of the value of your organization's programs.  At Glavin Jacobson Inc., our advice focuses on:


  • Helping you identify the right targets for cultivation,

  • Learning how to leverage your programs in communication,

  • Writing of all kinds, including letters of inquiry and grant proposals,

  • Developing a sustainable system for grant application and upkeep.

Careful research, superior communication, and a dedicated focus on conveying programmatic impact will be essential ingredients for your success.