Capital and endowment campaigns require careful preparation.  And they require skill in major gifts and a capable annual fundraising machine beneath them. 

We work with clients to strengthen all parts of the

fund raising program and particularly to build the

capacity to raise larger gifts from individuals,

whether in a campaign or not.  In major gift

fundraising, your objective is to attract

uncommonly generous contributions from a

relatively small number of wealthy donors.  

Every gift table—and your organization’s success—

depends most on a few larger donors.  Successful

major gift solicitation requires a different set of

fundraising techniques than does annual gift

solicitation.  Your organization needs both.  

The challenge is to create a well running annual

fundraising operation that enables your staff and

board members to focus on finding and building

relationships with the donors who will deliver your most generous gifts.



Large gifts require fundamentally different fundraising techniques than annual ones. 

At Glavin Jacobson Inc., our advice focuses on:

  • Planning and counseling capital campaigns,

  • Creating a well functioning annual fundraising program,

  • Developing your major gift research and strategy,

  • Helping you identify the right prospective donors for major gifts,

  • Learning how to motivate their involvement, and

  • Engaging your leaders to transfer a strong sense of ownership to donors.


Careful planning, research, tailored strategies, and the engagement of a committed board will be essential ingredients for your success.