The secret of the best databases is not their software, but their users. 

When your team has confidence in their data, technology will start to unlock entirely new possibilities.

Whether mailing four hundred thousand

prospective donors, or having lunch with

just one, data is at the heart of every

fundraising effort.

But using a database is like using a mirror;

it can only show you what you hold up to it.

And for many organizations, that can be,

well, kind of a mess. And like a fancier mirror,

getting fancier tech doesn't solve the


In order for your database to function, your

data needs to be functional. That means your

staff has to be using it, updating it, living in it.

And above all, they have to trust it.

That's where Glavin Jacobson Inc. comes in. Together, we can make your data part of your mission. We spend time understanding your particular data needs. We guide your staff in cleaning your essential data, and we help establish the standard operating procedures that will let your organization flourish.



Data management addresses issues both in and around the database. At Glavin Jacobson Inc., our advice focuses on:

  • How to approach and use a database for development,

  • Setting up standards for your data entry,

  • Using the database to improve your data’s integrity, and

  • Database architecture and customization.

While your technology is important, clearly defined practices for a committed team of users will be the keys to your success.