People who serve on a high functioning board derive great satisfaction from their work. They understand and cherish their role in advancing the organization's vital mission.

If you believe that your board might function better—and happier, we can help.

We offer full counsel in governance, including assessments and counsel on execution in all

areas as boards face leadership or staff change, financial pressures, or other issues.

We work with you to build the commitment and structure that will enable your board to

carry out its internal duty to govern and its external duty to encourage more people to fall

in love with you and what you do.



Successful board governance requires careful planning and deliberate action.  At Glavin Jacobson Inc., our advice focuses on:

  • Creating the high functioning board,

  • Building the partnership between the board and management team, 

  • Counsel on structure, operations, and compliance,

  • Facilitating board retreats and conducting workshops

  • Counsel on effective board recruitment and deployment

The board that feels authorized will take responsibility. A clear understanding of the board's role and a positive relationship with the staff will be essential ingredients for your success.