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GLAVINJACOBSON is dedicated to helping nonprofits of all sizes navigate the challenges they face as they grow. Our team offers a variety of specialized services that work together to serve your situation and your goals.


Whether your organization is a small local nonprofit or a prestigious national institution, when you are ready to take major leaps forward, Glavin Jacobson provides strategic counsel as you grow. 


Founded in 1999 as Robert Glavin Inc., the company changed its name to Glavin Jacobson Inc. in July 2018.  Our particular strengths are first phase fundraising, major gifts, integrating board leadership, donor relations, and management technique to advance your mission.


Our team works to bring out the best in people. We always focus on client strengths and assets. We align board members with each other, staff members with each other, and the staff with the board. We apply best practices to each client's situation to create the best board, the most effective and powerful senior management team, and the happier, healthier workplace where everyone thrives in pursuit of a shared vision.

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